It has been so long! I hope you are safe and COVID-19 free. This year has been a scene from a blockbuster movie. I have been trying my best to keep positive and stay strong but I have dealt with some hard blows. Since the pandemic, I lost my uncle and that CHANGED my life … Continue reading MOVIES DURING A PANDEMIC

UPDATE: My Jamaica Road Trip Wishlist

Long time no see! So about 3 years ago I made a Jamaica Travel Wish list (see the list here) and while spring cleaning the blog I decided to update you all on the progress of the list. Since the post, I managed to visit only four of the spots: Cane River Falls, Bull Bay, … Continue reading UPDATE: My Jamaica Road Trip Wishlist

We Pulled Up To: @TheNewWaveJa’s Movie Night!

13th Street Promotions

Words By: @ShannyDeLioness

Photos (when we tried to get them…) By: @xSvmSingx

The city lights of Kingston flickered as if it was anxiously awaiting having its stories being shared at 6B Skyline Drive. While she anxiously waited, the mood was much lighter as movie enthusiasts and creatives filled every corner of Skyline Levels for New Wave’s Movie Night. Blankets, pillows, and folding chairs lined every corner creating an intimate atmosphere to witness the cinematic genius about to unfold.

The night’s agenda saw the viewing of three films, Nile Saulter’sFever Dream“, the premiere of Joshua Paul’s short film “Kinto“, and the feature presentation by Storm Saulter’sBetter Mus’ Come“. At 9PM the lights dimmed to usher in the first short film, “Fever Dream“. The 12 minute film shared the endeavours of a Scrap Metal Collector whom though…

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